X meets world.

15. April 2013

Yes everybody, somethings big is coming up. We proudly present our new logo.

Curtains up for the X:

So why X, you ask? Well… a few months ago we were all sitting together thinking what really makes us the way we are. What makes mytaxi mytaxi? The app? All our great taxis that are out and about and the easy way to order one? Yeah, that’s definitely an important point.

But what really makes us special is you, the mytaxi community. You’ve made mytaxi a real revolution on the taxi market. With your feedback, we’re getting better and better by the day. To put it briefly: We are all about you!

And this should be reflected in our logo. So now it is. As you’ve probably realised, the X in our new logo isn’t just an X. It’s someone waving down a taxi, like one of you when the driver’s picking you up. So you could say you inspired the shape of our new logo.

But we also had another thought. Next to the little man, the X also looks like a crossing, and the pin – the little man’s head – is your position at the crossing. Amazing isn’t it? So many ideas all rolled into one logo.

Of course, it shouldn’t just be the logo that gets a new makeover. After all, it needs to fit in with everything else. So we’ve given mytaxi a whole new design, with new colours, a new font and everything else that goes with it. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourselves!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts! Get in touch.

P.S.: Our dear T, it was so great working with you over the past 4 years. All the best.


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