We have made mytaxi better.

31. October 2013

The big question was, what on earth could we use as a headline for the blog post for one of the most important days in the history of mytaxi? The day on which we launch the entirely new, mytaxi app.

Superlatives, superlatives, superlatives – the first things that came to mind were ideas that began with “The biggest” or “The most phenomenal”.

But then, we just strolled over to the office where our developers sit, and just asked them just what they had actually done. And why it’s all so incredibly important. Their first answer was, “We made mytaxi better.”

In a flash, we knew it – that’s the perfect headline!

Fascinated by this plain and simple answer, we decided not only to write this blog post, but also to let our development team explain – in their own words – just what they did to make mytaxi better.

Here’s what they said:

“It was my job to make the routes in the app more intuitive. However my personal goal was to make the whole way with the taxi easier.“ – Yeli, UX-designer at mytaxi

„My style told me that the design of the app needed to be flatter. But I also wanted to design it so you can find your way around instinctively.“ – Marcel, UI-designer at mytaxi

„I wanted to streamline the app so you can download it more quickly when out and about. From 35 down to 13 megabytes. Because I didn’t want to be just a lightweight.“ – Philipp, iOS-developer at mytaxi

“The new app is much faster, because I made sure I took a lot of time. For every single little detail.” – Henning, Android-developer at mytaxi.

So, as you can see, the crew here at mytaxi took the app apart, byte-by-byte, rethought the concept, redesigned the whole thing from the ground up, and made it a reality. And that with everything the team has to offer.

We hope you like the new mytaxi app and now enjoy it even more every time you order, pay for or rate a taxi.

Best from the mytaxi team.


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